Site Development

We develop both gas-fuelled and battery storage sites, covering all stages of the project lifecycle from sourcing locations through to operating them.

We are interested in engaging with landowners looking to either sell or enter into a long-term lease for a site on which we can develop our power response facilities. Please visit our Lease your Land page for more information 
Once we have agreed a land deal with a site-owner we take full responsibility for the development, construction and operation of the power plant, including:
  • securing all necessary consents
  • obtaining all grid connections
  • secure long-term revenue income contracts through UK Government schemes and other power purchasers
  • securing funding with our partner investors
  • building the site
  • operating the site

Project Acquisition

We currently acquire project rights, and acts as an agent, or owner, to build and operate sites.

If you are a site developer and have a project that you have either fully or partly developed and have secured any of the following, we are interested in discussing these with you with a view of us either acquiring the rights to those projects or acting as your agent to build and operate the site: 

  • land rights
  • planning consent
  • all necessary grid connection offers
  • Capacity Mechanism agreement

Project Development

Creating partnerships with investors who need the expertise to deliver premium projects.

If you are a funder with projects that you have acquired and are looking for a partner to build those projects effectively, we have all the skills needed to deliver these projects including: 

  • valuable experience gained from constructing 34 of our own projects (and counting!)
  • in-house project managers, engineers and compliance managers
  • strong relationships with major UK suppliers of gensets
  • access to electrical and civils contractors with similarly high experience in this sector
  • experience of having worked with all gas and electricity grid network operators

Operations Management

We can leverage deep expertise to provide skilled management for power response sites.

With a significant portfolio of sites already under operational management we can leverage our existing operational assets to benefit your projects. We offer owners of power response sites: 

  • revenue optimisation strategies
  • an experienced control desk to monitor your assets
  • a network of site engineers to ensure maximum availability of your power stations
  • all the back office administration needed to fulfil your compliance and contractual obligations

Research, Engagement and Innovation

We engage with the wider industry, research the latest challenges and opportunities to power response and are always looking to innovate and improve what we do.

We are active in the trade bodies Energy UK and Regen’s Electricity Storage Network and regularly attend and participate in industry events and Ofgem and DESNZ consultations that will impact the UK electricity and energy markets.

We are developing new battery storage sites to contribute our expertise in a secure energy supply into a decarbonised electricity system. 

We are active in understanding the role that hydrogen will play as an energy vector, not only in a power response application but in other potential innovative areas as well.