Mercia Power Response (“Mercia”), an established developer and operator of power response generators for the UK electricity grid, has responded to the UK government’s call to ensure it has enough capacity to protect the nation’s energy supply, securing 34MW of capacity in the UK T-1 Capacity Market auction.

Amidst rising concerns that conflict in Ukraine could lead to disastrous shortfalls in Europe’s energy supplies, The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has moved to increase Britain’s electricity capacity for 2022/23. The T-1 Capacity Market auction cleared at record highs, with nearly 5GW procured, up from the usual 400MW. Mercia is pleased to support the UK government through the deployment of power from its quick-response generators, and play a key role in providing energy security to communities across the UK during a time of geopolitical uncertainty.   

Mercia operates a growing number of power stations, with a current total capacity of 243MW, which ensures the rapid delivery of power to the UK electricity grid, helping to fill supply shortfalls when there is not enough renewable energy to satisfy demand. Mercia’s proven ability to react quickly to variability in renewable power is key to providing energy security, which is particularly critical given Britain’s transition towards net zero.

Graham White, CEO of Mercia Power Response, said: “We are proud to support the UK’s energy system during this period of uncertainty, providing the power needed to keep lights on in homes across the nation during this testing time. Whether it be geopolitical worries, windless days, or when the sun doesn’t shine, Mercia is here to protect the UK’s energy supply as we continue to grow our power response capacity.”